(And we won’t be serving chicken wings and dips.)

I know that some people keep our potpourri in the box it comes it, but I suggest spreading it around the house in any kind of vessel you have.

all 2I begin by gathering a collection bowls, cachepots, unique baskets, and assorted pottery bowls and filling them.  I figure if I have them made, I will find a place for each and every one of them.

50sbowlx800It’s not always necessary to completely fill the vessel with potpourri.  Here I’m using a circa 1950 cachepot that I stuffed with bubble wrap and then filled with Lavender & Rosemary.

coffee-tablex600Here’s another cachepot that already had an orchid in it, so I just sprinkled some Lavender & Rosemary in the bottom and around the sides.  It’s an unexpected touch of fragrance to add to plants that have no fragrance of their own.

statisx600Not all my cachepots are fancy, but I wanted one in my kitchen and this simple white one looks perfect.  Notice I filled the bottom with bubble wrap so I could get several bowls out of one box of Lavender & Rosemary.

filled-lid-sidex600Here’s a little pot with a pretty lid that I put on sideways to let the fragrance escape. You’ll see below how I paired this with a companion piece that was made just for potpourri.  It has holes in the sides and in the lid.

moroccan-table-closex600Since this bowl has holes half way down the side, to keep the Bitter Orange blend from falling out, I added small pine cones (they’re known as cedar roses) as a base.  With a lid that also has holes, this pot has lots of fragrance escaping from both the sides and the top.

bathroomx700In the powder room, I filled a hand-made bowl with Bitter Orange and placed in next to this old green glass vase.  The reflection created thru the glass by a burning Woven Crystal Candle is almost hypnotic.   Burning a Lemon Verbena candle next to Bitter Orange potpourri is a great fragrance combo.

targe-bagx600I’ve always liked this oval basket with woven grapevines on the sides.  It has some holes in it so I stuffed it with a crimpled up paper bag prior to filling it with Bitter Orange (I ran out of bubble wrap).  It took me a while to find the perfect spot for it – on an old Korean rice chest in my bedroom.

stais_bauerx600Status is an excellent topping for Lavender & Rosemary potpourri.  I picked this cluster in my yard and carefully mounded it on top of this great old Bauer Pottery bowl.  It looks perfect in my living room next to my Foo Dog.

persimmonx800I decided to use this ceramic Japanese porcelain persimmon (it’s actually a rattle)as a topping for this blue bowl with a burnt orange interior glaze.  So I can still see the inside, I only added about 3 inches of Lavender & Rosemary to the bottom.

filling-LVx700Remember, you can always drop just a handful of potpourri in any vessel and not even be able to see it…but you will smell it!

dragon-bowlx700This is one my favorite bowls – a Chinese antique with dragons handles and turquoise cranes on the outside.

mantle1The Agraria founders developed the first four fragrances (Bitter Orange, Lemon Verbena, Lavender & Rosemary and Balsam) to “mix and mingle marvelously,” and I like to mingle on the mantel.  The advantage of placing fragrance on a mantel is it’s closer to nose-level and draws guests over to examine the collection of vessels.  Here I’ve combined both Bitter Orange (in the dragon bowl and inside the tall blue vase) and Lavender & Rosemary (as a cushion for the Japanese persimmon and inside the round vase at the back). Not shown in this image is an assortment of candles.  I vary fragrances depending on my mood and season.  Right now I’m burning Lime & Orange Blossoms and our newest fragrance, Golden Cassis.

Orange-Lidx900When I saw this orange bowl with lid, I had to have it for Bitter Orange Potpourri.  I think the lid is as pretty as the bowl.


Sometimes the inside of the bowl is just too beautiful to cover with potpourri.  Can you believe I found this bowl in the basement when I moved into my house 20 years ago?

Hope you all enjoy your Super (potpourri) Bowl Sunday.  Just keep your fingers crossed that no one tells you your trail mix needs salt!

If you need a new supply of potpourri or just a few bottles of refresher oil, visit us at http://www.agrariahome.com/potpourri-and-refresher-oils.