A Victorian perfume pendant

Everyone knows that fragrance stimulates memory: cinnamon at holiday time, mock orange blossoms on an early spring night, the eau de parfum that your mother used, your favorite cookies baking in the oven. These can all trigger pleasant, happy memories. But fragrance can also affect your moods.

De Materia Medica

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person’s mind, mood, cognitive function, or health. Greek physician Pedanius Dioscorides describes the use of essential oils in his De Materia Medica, written in the first century.

The ancient Greeks used lemon Verbena leaves in their pillows to enhance their dreams. Today, dream pillows are used as part of aromatherapy to stimulate lucid dreaming. A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. The term was coined by the Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik (Willem) van Eeden (1860–1932). In a lucid dream, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over their participation within the dream or be able to manipulate their imaginary experiences in the dream environment. Lucid dreams can be realistic and vivid.

Many artists and writers — and anyone with a curious imagination — have explored the world of lucid dreaming. Our goals and struggles and our very destiny often play out in symbolic form. Enhancing the hours you sleep with conscious dreaming, or even just the lightening of the spirit sought by those ancient Greeks with their Lemon Verbena pillows, can be a tonic to our hectic and demanding lives.

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