Spelling mansion

Wait...how many rooms?

Under the heading of “Problems We Don’t Have” comes the quandary of not knowing exactly how many rooms your home has, and for what exact purpose they were specified.

Candy Spelling

Candy, in Candyland

Candyland, the deliriously large mansion in Bel Air named for Candy Spelling, the owner, was recently sold to 22-year-old, British socialite Petra Ecclestone, daughter of self-made Formula 1 billionaire Bernie Ecclestone and former Armani model Slavica, who are divorced.

Paula Eccelstone and Candyland | Agraria

Paula Ecclestone and Candyland

In a recent Los Angeles Times article, Ms. Spelling was quoted about the original plans of the house:

Candy Spelling, the widow of famed TV producer Aaron Spelling, has claimed that she never counted the number of rooms even though she oversaw construction of the chateau-style residence, built in 1991. A blend of over-the-top extravagance and practicality, the house is estimated to have about 123 rooms. Many are customized for their purposes, such as the flower-cutting room and a humidity-controlled silver storage room.

In her 2009 book “Stories From Candyland,” Spelling tells of her unfamiliarity with the building process: “We didn’t set out to build the largest house…. Because I couldn’t read blueprints, I was often surprised by what was eventually built.”

Among things she would have done differently: the gift-wrapping room would have been larger, as would have two of the powder rooms. She devoted two extra attic rooms to gift-wrapping to make up for the miscalculation.

Which brings us to our own little bit of insane luxury — sumptuously large bath bars in our newest fragrance, Cedar Rose.

Cedar Rose Bath Bar

We are pretty excited here to begin our launch of this new fragrance line under development for a while now. Morocco’s visual splendor and its finely crafted furnishings and ornate wooden detailing in homes and mosques made of Atlas Cedarwood from the Altas Mountains in North Africa have inspired our latest scent family.

This ingot of bath soap is hand-wrapped in our beautiful custom papers — first in tissue, then in a signature gold foil specific to each scent line. Ribbons, buckles, and labels complete the process making it a perfectly self-contained gift. But of course, you will want to keep it yourself. Better buy enough for everyone.

Moroccan inspired paper  | Agraria

Save the paper for your own Gift Wrapping Room.

So if you are good friends with the young Miss Ecclestone, and would like the perfect gift suggestion as a mansion-warming present for the new digs, we suggest a few dozen of these beautifully wrapped bars with a unique scent that evokes the mysteries of Morocco and the clean air of the Atlas Mountains.