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Exquisitely beautiful, deeply romantic, enormously talented, and unimaginably wealthy — Ms. Vanderbilt has lead legendary life. Even though she was born with one of the larger silver spoons ever made in her mouth, her life has not been without struggle and she has faced tragedy with bravery and perseverance. She has been lauded both for her business acumen and her creative talents. Her signature style ranges from whimsically Victorian to a hallucinatory Fauvism.

Balsam Petite Crystal Cane Candle

Balsam Crystal Cane Candle

Of her four sons, news anchor and critic Anderson Cooper is most well-known. Vanderbilt added to her inherited wealth with her own line of signature jeans launched in the late ’70s. It spawned a family of accessories and fragrance products. She eventually went on to sell the licensing for all of it in order to concentrate on her writing (3 novels, 4 memoirs) and her fine art at Gloria Vanderbilt Fine Art.

Anderson would be wise to choose from our Balsam line of fragrance products for this Mother’s Day. With its combination of sweet balsam, Californian redwood,  and a hint of French sage it would be certain to please a sophisticated romantic like his mom, Gloria.

Being a native New Yorker, Gloria no doubt knows about Bitter Orange Potpourri. Still referred to as Park Avenue Potpourri, it is the granddaddy (grandmother?) of American home fragrance. Enjoy the video below as Gloria reminds Anderson what means the most on Mother’s Day is simply to be remembered.